Q:  What should I be noticing drinking the tea? 
A:  Many of our detox clients notice an increase in energy, bowl movements, urination, suppressed appetite, clear skin, and loss in weight.   
Q:  Can I drink the tea warm or cold?
A:  Yes, you can drink all of The Detox Bar Teas, hot or cold.  Upon receiving your tea refrigerate immediately.  We not recommend not using the microwave to warm your tea, as it can reduce the potency of the herbs.
Q:  Can I drink the tea with supplements?
A:  Yes.  Anything that is an herbal or natural supplement can be taken directly with the tea.
Q:  Can you drink the tea if you are nursing or pregnant?
A:  Before consuming this product please check with your Doctor and provide them with a list of the ingredients first.   We don’t recommend you use this product if you are pregnant or nursing; but again, you need to consult your personal physician first.
Q:  How long should I stay on the tea?
A:  The Detox Bar Teas are a daily gentle cleansing tea. Remember consistency yields the best results.  We do recommend taking a break once a month for 1-3 days so that your body can reset.