How to Measure your Waist

 Measure your Natural Waistline 

You will need to know your natural waist size in order to choose the right size of waist trainer.

Here’s how to measure your Waist:

  • Remove clothing that may be covering your midsection.
  • Locate your Waist. It’s generally the narrowest part of your torso, where you bend from side to side.
  • Wrap a measuring tape around your waist.  Keep it parallel to the floor so that it sits evenly around your waist. Make sure that it fits snugly against your torso but doesn’t dig into it.
  • Don’t suck in your stomach. This will make your waist seem smaller than it is.
  • Breathe in and out to gauge roughly where your waist sits at its natural state.
  • Look down. Wherever the end of the measuring tape is sitting while you’re relaxed with it evenly around your waist, that’s your natural waist siz